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Family Sized Meals. 

We're excited to share that now we've got meals that are sized for the whole family. Easy to prepare and delicious. Now, your whole family can eat healthy and enjoy dinners again. 

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Bite Me BBQ Chicken Pack

Our favourite end of summer Meal!! Our famous BBQ Chicken Breasts, paired with parmesan herb baked Corn on the Cob, and our fresh and lean Potato salad. A wholesome filling Meal sure to please the whole family.

Feeds 4 people.


Pulled Chicken Taco Kit

Who doesn't love Taco night?? Especially when shared with your family and friends!! Natural pulled Chicken, fresh shredded Lettuce, shredded Cabbage, diced Tomatoes, paired with fresh sliced Lime, Cilantro, Salsa, and Sour Cream.


Feeds 4 people.


Turkey Meatloaf Dinner

A classic household favourite, without the hassle!! Our house made lean Turkey Meatloaf, rainbow Carrots, and smashed herb Potatoes, paired with no sugar added Ketchup. This one will please the whole family!


Feeds 4 people.


Family Cheeseburger Bowl

One of our Just Bite Me Fan Favourite Meals!!! Now big enough for the whole family to enjoy! Lean BBQ AAA Angus ground Beef, brown Rice, shredded Lettuce, red Onion, diced Pickles, and shredded Cheese paired with no Sugar added Ketchup, and Mustard Mayo.

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