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Keto Meals. 

One of the most popular diets in recent years is Keto. This diet has shown great results for those who have tried it, but what is a keto diet? It's a low-carb and high-fat way to eating that can lower blood sugar levels and shift your body’s metabolism towards using fat as energy.

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Keto Tenderloin Dinner

Our classic Tenderloin Dinner made Keto-friendly!!
AAA Tenderloin Steak with a smokey & savory cajun rub grilled to perfection. Paired with Asparagus, mixed bell peppers, and a side of Au Jus!
Sub for nut-free Pesto to increase fat macros!

*Au jus contains soy (comes on the side)

*Vacuum sealed; provides 7 -10 days freshness*

Meal only Macros
262 calories - 32g protein - 9g carb - 4g fiber - 9g fat

Au jus macros
20 calories - 1g protein - 2g carb - 1g fat

Pesto macros
170 cals - 9g protein - 2g carb - 2g fat - 14g fat (nut-free, contains dairy)


Keto Crack Chicken

Welcome to hearty, rich, flavour packed, cheesy Chicken goodness!! A juicy baked Chicken Breast layered in our Cheese Ranch mix, Shredded Cheese, and topped with diced Turkey Bacon and Green Onion served on a bed of Sautéed Kale and Broccoli! Served with Spicy Ranch Sauce. Add Rice or Roasted Potatoes to this Meal to add Carbs.

Contains: Dairy

Vacuum Sealed - stays fresh for 7-10 days in your fridge!

Meal - 400 calories - 49g protein - 6g net carb - 19g fat

Sauce macros:
Spicy Ranch - 120 calories - 0g P - 6g C - 10g Fat
Hot Sauce - 6 calories - .5g P - .5g C - .25g Fat


Keto Bison Bowl

Fuel yourself like a Clean lean health machine! Locally raised organic Bison, massaged sautéed Kale and Red Peppers, on a bed of cauliflower rice. Pair with a side of salsa, alfredo or pesto.

Macros without Sauce:
*306 calories - 36 protein - 8g carb - 6g fiber - 15g fat

Sauce Macros
-Pesto 175 cals - 9g protein - 3g carb - 14g fat (nut free, contains dairy)

-Salsa 24 calories - 1g protein - 4g carb - 0g fat

-Alfredo 222 cals - 5g protein - 4g carb - 8g fat (contains dairy)

Vacuum Sealed - Stays fresh in your fridge 7-10 days


Keto Blackened Chicken with Alfredo Cheese Sauce

A juicy Blackened Chicken Breast baked to perfection, paired with our Roasted Veg medley (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels) with a side of Cheesy Keto Alfredo Sauce.

*Sauce on side contains dairy, almond milk (nuts), mango (seasoning)

*Vacuum sealed - stays fresh for 7 - 10 days in your fridge*

Macros With Sauce:
345 cals - 15g fat - 9g carb {5g net carb} - 40g protein

* Sauce contains dairy


Keto Buffalo Ranch Chicken stuffed Pepper

A flavourful favourite! Two halves of pepper stuffed with Buffalo Chicken, topped with our Ranch Cheese Mix, and Shredded Cheese, then Baked to perfection. Served with baked Zucchini, and Cauliflower, as well as a side of Spicy Ranch Sauce! Add rice or Sweet Potato wedges to up your carbs on this Meal!

Ingredients: Mixed Peppers, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Franks Buffalo Sauce, Chicken Breast, Cream Cheese, Shredded Mixed Cheese, Dill Spice, Sea Salt, Pepper, Paprika, FG Ranch Spice, Parsley

Contains: Dairy

382 cals - 42g Protein -13g carb -3g fiber - 18g fat

Spicy Ranch: 120 cals - 0g protein - 6g carb - 10g fat

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