Purolator/ Fedex Shipping

We can ship via Purolator or Fedex Nationwide! 

If you are in Alberta, we now have Alberta-wide flat rate shipping through  Purolator! Please click here to order. 


Shipping Estimates:

We can not give an exact cost due to it differing per location and size of your order.
If you would like a ballpark estimate before ordering, you can email us and PLEASE INCLUDE:
→ the number of meals you think you’ll be ordering
→ your postal code
sent to info@bitememealsyeg.com

With this information we will be able to give you a rough estimate.
We won’t be able to give you an exact total, but the rough estimates are usually close.


Ready to order?

When ordering and using purolator or fedex services, we request that you order online under the Edmonton + Area button using the ‘pick-up’ option. Please email us ASAP to let us know that you will be needing it shipped and also include your address and postal code. 

Please keep in mind that your order will arrive the day after you selected it for. So if you select the 15th, it’ll arrive on the 16th.
Order cut off is 6pm the night before. So if you want it for the 16th, please order by 6pm (MST) on the 14th. It will be made and shipped on the 15th and arrive on the 16th.

Also keep in mind that Purolator and Fedex do not ship on the weekends We are only able to drop the orders off at Purolator or Fedex Monday through Thursday, so please plan accordingly. 


Orders will not be shipped until invoices are paid for or a credit card is put on file for us to charge once the shipment has been sent to Purolator or Fedex.


We can either send you an invoice using the rough estimate calculation and you can pay via etransfer or CC over the phone. 
If you'd rather put a credit card on file, we will charge the following day once we know exactly how much the shipment was and will send you an invoice. 

Additional Costs: 

We do ship your meals in cooler lined boxes. There is an additional cost per box ranging from 6.75 to 9.25 depending on the size of the box. We do try and maximize space as much as possible. Vacuum sealed meals fit more tightly than none vac-sealed meals. Meals are labeled if they're vacuum sealed or not. Breakfasts, bulk items and snacks are NOT vacuum sealed, but majority of pre-builts are as well as all custom built meals. 


While we trust Purolator to handle your meals accordingly, they can't help items being shaken up a bit occasionally. We recommend ordering meals that are vacuum sealed as this keeps them from shifting much. Keep in mind that non- vac sealed meals may arrive a bit shaken, although the quality and taste will still be in tact. We can not be held responsible for any damage caused via delivery or delivery delays as they are out of our control, though we can assure you that we have had a great experience using Purolator over the last 18 months.